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Ammon Carver Wedding Services

See a summary of our services for all wedding related occasions below:

● Hair and makeup trials for bride (and her wedding party)

● Wedding day services for bride/groom and wedding party

● Party loft space for any pre-wedding events including bridal shower or bachelorette party

● Studio rental for engagement photos

Pre Wedding Beauty Session + Test Shoot

A pre-wedding shoot with our in-house photographer is a great way to become familiar with your beauty team and select the perfect looks for your wedding day and other pre-wedding events. You can explore hairstyle and makeup options with expert artists, and see how it all comes together on film. It’s a great way to also discover your best angles and get comfortable with the camera. You can even bring your wedding party for an extra photo moment, or just be part of the fun!


Trial Services:

● Hair // starting at $250

● Hair + Make Up // starting at $500

A la carte:

● Wedding party members// $75 per person , dry styling and light makeup

● Photo studio fee for unaffiliated photographer // $100.00 for 1 hour

Wedding Day Services:


Hair + Grooming // starting at $500


Hair / /starting at $750

Hair + Makeup // starting at $1500


Member of Wedding Party

Hair // starting $150 per person

Hair + Makeup // starting at $300 per person

**Off-site services pricing available upon request 

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